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Our ever-expanding team of psychonauts, scientific researchers, medical professionals, and philosophers have been working hard to put together ways to get safe access to psychedelics.
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Trip sitters store is an online psychedelics platform that provides safe and easy access to psychedelic drugs.

Our goal is to provide guidance and support in preparation for your psychedelic journey aswell as the psychedelic drugs and medications globally..

We believe no substance is inherently good or bad — they’re just chemicals, natural or unnatural, that exist in the world. It’s our relationship with them and the way we interact with them that can be either good or bad. 

Psychedelics have a lot to offer in terms of mental and physical health — but only when used responsibly and with the right integration. Our goal is to provide trusted access to psychedelic drugs, well-researched content to help psychedelic users understand how these substances work and how to use them safely for health purposes and personal growth.

The late Timothy Leary said it best

Psychedelic drugs cause panic and temporary insanity in people who have not taken them.

Our goal is to provide the resources necessary to demystify these substances and give psychedelic buyers the necessary tools to use them effectively.

Join us as we explore the wonderful world of psychoactive substances and how they can be used to facilitate optimal health, self-growth, productivity, and more. 

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